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Corde Oblique – “The moon is a dry bone” (2019)

“The moon is a dry bone” is the last tile in the poetic mosaic of Corde Oblique. Those who know the band will recognize their well-defined identity, this time shaken up with a more extreme and brave approach. The harshness of times contained within each song is showcased with courage but sweetened by a light shining from childhood, streaming from the regions where wonder can still be inspiration and action. The seventh studio album by Corde Oblique includes 11 unreleased songs written and produced by the mastermind Riccardo Prencipe, and a cover from Anathema. “The moon is a dry bone” presents an artist who is still able to speak to the arid yet receptive and promising planets.




  • Almost Blue
  • La Strada
  • The moon is a dry bone
  • Le grandi anime
  • Le Torri di Maddaloni
  • Il figlio dei Vergini
  • La casa del Ponte
  • Temporary peace
  • Il terzo suono
  • Herculaneum
  • Almost Blue II


Band Line up:


Riccardo Prencipe (classic acoustic and electric guitars, ebow)

Rita Saviano (vocals on tracks 3, 8, back vocals on tracks 2, 6, 7)

Edo Notarloberti (violin)

Umberto Lepore (bass)

Alessio Sica (drums)

Luigi Rubino (piano on track 8)

Michele Maione (frame drums, percussions)

Carmine Ioanna (accordion)


Guest vocalists:

Caterina Pontrandolfo (vocals on tracks 4, 6, 10, back vocals on track 7)

Guest singer in all of Corde Oblique’s albums. She is an artist from Basilicata and performs in many artistic areas such as theatre, music, cinema and literature. She is a singer/performer, actress, playwright, researcher and director. She develops projects which link anthropology, communities, theatre, singing and landscapes with a sensitivity towards women’s memories and traditional songs from Basilicata. She collaborates with the writer Franco Arminio and the musician Ambrogio Sparagna.


Denitza Seraphim (vocals on track 5)

Denitza is a talented Bulgarian vocalist, lead singer of the internationally recognised folk-ethnic band Irfan from 2003 to 2017. She sings in their albums – “Irfan”, “Seraphim”, “Eternal Return”. She is the first vocalist of the Robev choir choral chapella conducted by Nelly Trosheva, they perform Orthodox chants.


Maddalena Crippa (spoken voice on track 7)

Is among the most esteemed actresses in Italian theatre. She had her debut at only 17 years of age in the Piccolo Teatro di Milano in Goldoni’s “Campiello” directed by Giorgio Strehler. She works with some of the most important Italian and international directors: Squarzina, Ronconi, Castri, Vitez, Stein and Carsen. She is the narrating voice in J. Benda’s “Medea”, directed by both Pietro Bellugi and Mario Brunello, and in Pasolini’s “Requiem” (director: R. De Simone) at the San Carlo Theatre of Napoli.


Sergio Panarella (vocals on track 6)

Lead singer of Ashram, a neoclassical band which has released three albums and gained enormous success in China and Portugal.


Andrea Chimenti (vocals on track 2)

From 1983 to 1989 Andrea Chimenti is the singer of Moda, one of the first Italian rock bands. In 1990 he began his solo career. He has collaborated with Mick Ronson (guitarist and producer for David Bowie, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and many more) and David Sylvian.


Miro Sassolini (vocals on track 9)

The defining voice of the Italian “new wave” and lead singer of the Florence-based rock band Diaframma from 1983 to 1989; founder of the “Van Der Bosch” project (1991 – 1996); melodic musician and voice researcher; multimedia experimenter and figurative artist. In 2011 he founded the project “S.M.S.” with Cristiano Santini and Monica Matticoli.


All music & Lyrics written by Riccardo Prencipe (S.I.A.E.)

“Temporary peace” originally written by Daniel Cavanagh

Music arrangement by Corde Oblique

Mixed and recorded by Massimo Aluzzi at the Splash recording Studio (Naples)

Mastering by Geoff Pesche (Abbey Road Studio – London)