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The Progressive-Ethereal-Folk band directed by the guitarist-composer Riccardo Prencipe, Graduated from the Conservatoire of Naples San Pietro a Majella. Since 2005 they released seven full-lenght albums with different labels, distributed in Europe and World.


Back through the liquid mirror

(Dark Vinyl/Audioglobe – Germany 2018)

I maestri del colore

(Infinite fog/Audioglobe, RUSSIA 2016)

Per le strade ripetute
(The stones of Naples Rec./Audioglobe, ITALY 2013)

A hail of bitter almonds

(french edition: Prikosnovenie/Audioglobe, FRANCE  2011)
(italian edition: Progressivamente/Egea/Suono rec., ITALY 2011)

(russian edition: Shadowplay rec., RUSSIA 2011)

The stones of Naples

 (Prikosnovenie/Audioglobe, FRANCE 2009)

Volontà d’arte

 (Prikosnovenie/Audioglobe, FRANCE 2009)


(ARK records/Masterpiece, ITALY 2005)