NEW DELUXE EDITION for our bestseller album The Stones of Naples!

We are glad to present a new DELUXE EDITION of our bestseller album “The Stones of Naples“.

The album was originally released with Prikosnovenie as Jewelbox edition in 2009, it sold out soon and was repressed two more times, but sold out again. since 2017 the album was no longer available.

For the first time we wanted to make a special edition in DIGIPACK, adding a full color BOOKLET with UNRELEASED original PICS from 2009 and TWO UNRELEASED BONUS TRACKS live recorded during a show in Albania in 2019.

Release date: November 20/20

You can preorder your copy here:

the stones of naples-shop



1- La quinta ricerca

2- Venti di sale

3- Flower bud

4- Flying

5- Like an ancient black and white movie

6- La città dagli occhi neri

7- Nostalgica avanguardia

8- The quality of silence

9- Barrio Gotico

10- Dal castello di Avella

11- La gente che resta

12- Piscina Mirabilis

*13- Venti di sale (live in Albania) – Bonus

*14- Eventi (Live in Albania) – Bonus


All music and melodies composed by Riccardo Prencipe

except: track 4 (music originally written by Danny Cavanagh),

track 5 (music: Riccardo Prencipe, Jacques Henry, Luigi Rubino)

track 14 (music: Riccardo Prencipe, Edo Notarloberti /

All lyrics written by Riccardo Prencipe

except: track 4 (lyrics originally written by Danny Cavanagh)

track 14 (lyrics: Riccardo Prencipe, Corrado Videtta)


Mixed and recorded by Claudio Esposito at RR SOUND – NAPLES (may-september 2008)


All pianos recorded by Paolo Rescigno at STUDIO 52 – NAPLES (june 2008)


Mastering by Will Quinnell at STERLING SOUND – NEW YORK (october 2008)


Bonus tracks Mixed and Mastered by Claudio Esposito at Bess Recording Studio (Pescara), and recorded by Enea Haxhijosifi during our show at Vlore (Albania) 2019, special thanks to Consolato Gen d’Italia Valona.


All rights reserved (S.I.A.E.)


Produced by Riccardo Prencipe




All pics by Paolo Liggeri


Riccardo Prencipe (classic guitar, acoustic guitar, medieval lute)



Caterina Pontrandolfo (voice on tracks 1, 6, 10)

Floriana Cangiano (voice on tr. 2, 9)

Claudia Sorvillo (voice on tr. 4, 11)

Monica Pinto (voice on tr. 7)

Geraldine Le Cocq (voice on tr. 5)

Alessandra Santovito (voice and flute on tr. 3)

Rita Saviano (voice on tr. 13, 14)

Alfredo Notarloberti (violin)

Luigi Rubino (piano, keyboards)

Franco Perreca (clarinet)

Alessio Sica (drums)

Francesco Paolo Manna (daf, riq, italian tamburin, sea drum, zarb, sheker, caxixi, bells, cajon, frame drum)

Umberto Lepore (bass)

Michele Maione (frame drum, italian tamburin, riq, cajon on tr. 9)

Francesco Forgione (double bass on tr. 3)

Caterina Bianco (violin on tr. 13, 14)